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Automatic trading with Zulutrade

Put your trading on automat! How would you like to trade together with some of the most experienced traders around the world? And the exciting part of it is that it happens automatically and you practically don’t have to do anything.

Forex Metal has partnered with ZuluTrade, a well known automatic trading platform, to give you access to the trading signals provided by many successful and experienced traders from around the world. Whether you are new to the forex trading or have some experience, this is a great tool to move your trading to a new professional level without having to personally monitor your trading activity all the time.

Over the past few years ZuluTrade has provided its automated signals services to thousands of satisfied customers, now we invite you to experience the art of automatic trading for yourself.

Enjoy no requotes and no dealing desk trading with Zulutrade accounts:

Instrumentsover 60 forex pairs plus gold and silver
Execution modemarket execution
点差from 1.5 pips
佣金0.9 pip per round lot
Rolloverdaily swap
No swap accountnot available for zulutrade type of accounts
Minimum trade size0.01 lot
Maximum lots per single trade10
Stop out level10%
Floating Leverage1:1 – 1:2000
最小存款$500 or equivalent
Base currencyUSD, EUR

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