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First Steps

Once you have downloaded and installed your terminal, this is the window you will see when you open a demo account. You will need to fill in the required fields before you can start trading.


To make a buy or sell transaction you first need to choose a currency pair from the list of pairs on the left of your screen.


To place an order to buy or to sell double click on the currency pair of your choice. A new window will open where you would need to specify your order parameters: number of lots and stop level, before clicking either buy or sell button to proceed with the transaction.


To change background colors of your terminal right click your mouse and go to Properties. The window would appear which will allow you to adjust colors.


To change language of the system you need to go to View-Languages and choose from the list of available languages. You need to restart (log off and log on again) your terminal in order for the change to take effect.


The charts section in the top menu allows you to view the chart of any currency pair or symbol.


The bottom menu allows you to view your account history, your current trades, alerts and maibox.


Of course you can open several charts at the same time and switch between them at any time.


You can view several windows at the same time, for example with charts of different currency pairs or you can create your profile and it will appear every time you access your terminal.


More information is available from the Help section of your trading terminal.

15:22 GMT   Bid Ask
EURUSD 1.38196 1.38219
GBPUSD 1.67746 1.67771
USDJPY 102.266 102.288
USDCHF 0.88221 0.88244
USDCAD 1.10357 1.10381
AUDUSD 0.92827 0.9285
NZDUSD 0.85886 0.85911
EURJPY 141.318 141.345
GBPJPY 171.56 171.596
XAUUSD 1284.17 1284.67
OIL 108.89 108.96
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