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Practical examples of highly profitable Forex trading.

New to Forex? Or maybe you are looking for new strategies? We have enough education material to get you started.

Example 1. Trading using weekly strategy.

Your initial deposit is $1000. Trading leverage 1:200. It is 01.07.10 and we bought 1.5 lot of EURUSD at 1.2260. For this trade you need: 1.5(volume)*100.000(units in each lot) / 200 (leverage) = 750Euro which is equal $919.5 at the current exchange rate. On 11.08.10 we close the deal at 1.3040. Your profit is 780 pips. The value of one pip is $10 for one lot. Therefore your profit in dollar value is: 780 * 10 * 1.5 = $11700.
In less than 6 weeks you made 1170% profit from a single trade.

Example 2. Using daily strategy.

Your initial deposit is $500. Leverage 1:500. On 06.08.10 we sold 1.25 lot of USDCHF at 1.0500. For that we needed: 1.25*100.000/500=$250 margin to support the position. The price of USDCHF has moved down and in a few hours we sold another 1.25 lot, now at 1.0400. Another $250 of your deposit has been used. Total open position now is 2.5 Lot at the average price 1.0450. Towards the evening the price went down to 1.0360 and we closed both trades. Total profit 90 pips. The value of one pip for one lot of USDCHF is CHF 10. Therefore our total profit from two trades is 2.5*90*10=2250CHF or 2250/1.036 = 2171.81USD.
The profit for one day of trading is over 400%.

Example 3. Intraday trading.

Your initial deposit is $1000. Leverage 1:100. We expect an important news to be released today and we sell 0.7 lot of EURJPY at 112.80. We used 0.7*100.000/100=700EUR margin to support the position. The EURUSD rate at the time of our trade was 1.3050. Therefore in dollar value we needed $913.5 for this trade. In a few minutes, when the news are released, the price of our pair moved down and we close the trade at 112.40 getting 40 pips profit. The value of 1 pip for 1 lot in this pair is 1000JPY (100.000*0.01). Therefore our profit is: 40*0.7*1000=28000JPY. The USDJPY exchange rate at the time of the trade was 85.90. The USD amount of profit that we get into account would be 28000/85.9=$325.96.
You made over 30% profit in just a few minutes of trading.

Open an account today to start applying these and other examples to practice. Free education material , tutorials , news and charts as well as free consultations and support are available to assist you achieve your trading goals.

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