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Do you provide segregated accounts?
Yes. Customers funds are kept in segregated accounts.
Why Forex Metal uses 5-digit quotes for most currency pairs?
We use 5-digit quotes because we add a so called fractional pip at the end. Instead of quoting prices with four digits, i.e. EURUSD at 1.3401 / 1.3402, we now quote the pair as 1.34014 / 1.34032. The last digit is the fractional pip, it is often displayed smaller then other digits to indicate that it is in fact not a full pip. The pip value for a EURUSD 100,000 position is $10 and the value of a fractional pip for this same position is $1. A fractional pip is a tenth of a pip and the addition of this feature to your account allows you to take advantage of smaller price increments and moves in the market.
Leverage depends on the amount of funds you operate with. Most accounts would have leverage of 1 : 500 (this means that for every dollar in the account he can open a position for $500), higher leverage is also possible, refer to the table located inside of your trading room at our main page. You can change the leverage yourself to suit your needs, however please remember that high leverage carries a higher degree of loss.
外汇交易以及股票、股票指数差价合约交易。 的佣金和收费情况如何?
我们不收取佣金。在 中执行的所有交易都是免收佣金的。展期交割开放的隔夜头寸只需支付很小金额的费用。有关信息请参阅 外汇交易常见问题解答部分
多数产品是每周 5 天、每天 24 小时不间断交易。有关详细信息,请参阅我们的“合约参数”页面。
是。请 单击此处 下载交易终端并开立演示账户。如果 20 天不活动,演示账户会自动删除。 Demo accounts are automatically deleted after 60 days. If you want to extend the validity of your demo account beyond 60 days period, please contact us.
您可以 在此开立。只需根据说明填写简单的账户开立表格即可。
What is your stop-out limit and how does the stop out process work? If my account reaches the stop-out limit does it mean that some or all my open positions will be closed by your system simultaneously?
Our stop-out level is currently 10%. This means that when your account reaches the stage that it has less than 10% of the required margin, the system will start closing the open position in your account. The process works as follows: in the event of the stop-out the system chooses the biggest loosing position in your account and closes it first at the current market price. If after then the margin level becomes greater than 10%, other positions are left intact. If the market continues to work against you, then the system will continue closing your open positions on the same basis biggest loosing positions first. All positions are not closed simultaneously. Sometimes, closing only one position may be enough for the account to continue supporting the rest of the open positions. In other times, all positions may be closed automatically within a number of seconds. Of course it is important not to reach the point of the stop out. To avoid stop outs you should use lower leverage level and always maintain sufficient funds in the account.
Are you an STP broker?
Yes. We are an STP/ECN broker with direct market access quotes and without dealing desk.
I noticed that during certain hours of the day, usually at night, you have different spreads on certain pairs. What is the reason for that?
It is a normal practice for a broker to have wider spreads on some pairs during quite market. Usually it applies to exotic pairs. For more information on the spreads applicable to a particular pair please contact our support specialist at [email protected]
You need to send us a 提款请求 by email or via the website. Withdrawals are usually processed within 2 business days. If you have any open positions in your account, you need to close them before submitting the withdrawal request.
When I have open positions, do you use unrealized profit for calculating the margin?
Unrealized profit is not used for margin calculations.
I used different payment options (wire transfer, Webmoney, etc) to deposit funds to my account. How, to which payment system can I make a withdrawal?
Our standard policy permits withdrawals only to the same system which was used to make the deposit. However, in cases when a few different options have been used use apply percentage allocation principle. For example, if you have deposited $1000 using wire transfer and then $300 using another system, i.e. MB or other, you would be permitted to withdraw 30% of funds to MB and 70% to your bank.
I made a deposit using credit card. Can I withdraw funds to my bank account?
Yes, but only after 30 days from the time you made the deposit with your credit card.
我们常用的存款方式是通过银行电汇,但是也可以选择其他方式,其中包括通过信用卡和 e-gold。若要获得全部的可用付款选项列表,请访问我们的“存入资金”页面。
Can I fund my trading account with credit card?
Yes. Just choose Credit Cards option on the Deposit Funds page. The following cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Visa Delta/debit(UK), Visa Electron, Maestro (UK, Spain&Austria), Solo (UK), JCB, Laser(Rep. of Ireland), Carte Bleue, Chinese Debit Cards
Can I fund my account with debit card?
Yes, you can. Most debit cards are connected through the bank to one of the major networks such as Visa, Mastercard or Amex and can be used on the internet to make payments. Simply use the "credit card" option at our Deposit Funds page to fund your account with the debit card.
What is ClickandBuy and how do I add money to my account using this option?
ClickandBuy is an online wallet that allows you to make instant purchases on the Internet at no risk and pay conveniently with your favorite local payment method. Choose from a wide range of payment methods including: credit/debit card, direct debit, online bank transfer and cash funding. If you do not have a ClickandBuy account you can register a one as part of your purchase. CLICK HERE for details.
请访问我们的“什么是 Forex”页面。
没有这方面的限制。Forex 对通常在 1:100 的杠杆基础上进行交易。举例说明它的意思,要买入 100,000 美元的合约,您需要在账户中至少存入 1000 美元。多数股票 CFD 合约规定需要 5-10% 的保证金。
您可以使用“存入资金”中提供的任意选项存款。当我们接受电汇、paypal 和 WebMoney 。不久还会增加更多选项。
You need to complete the withdrawal form available on our site and send it to us by e-mail.
Sorry, we would not be able to accept such payment. We have a policy of not accepting third party payments. This means that only customer himself can fund his account. If you have a joint account with someone elses (meaning you both operate the bank account), then you can send funds from the joint account. If you are a corporate customer, you can of course send funds from the corporate account.
不。我们是独立的代理公司,专为进行外汇和 CFD 交易的交易者提供结算服务。
杠杆取决于您运作的资金的多少。多数账户的杠杆是 1:100(意即该客户可以通过账户中的 1 美元打开 100 美元的头寸),详细信息如下:
如果账户中拥有正常情况下 50-200 美元的余额,杠杆为 1:200;
如果账户中的平均余额为 200-1000 美元,则杠杆为 1:100;
如果账户中的余额为 1000-10,000 美元,则杠杆为 50:1。
如果账户中的余额为 1000-10,000 美元,则杠杆为 50:1。
是,您可以仅用 50 美元开始进行交易,并可以以 0.01 的标准手数打开头寸。
My trading account is in USD. If I transfer funds in other currency (EUR, AUD, GBP, etc) into my account, what exchange rate do you use to convert funds into USD?
We use the last quote for the relevant pair for the last trading day prior to crediting your account. If you send us the payment on the weekend or on Monday, the Friday close quote will be used.
After closing my positions I ended up with a negative balance on my account. Am I liable for this negative balance? Does it mean that I have to pay it back to you?
It is our company policy not to pursue customers for negative account balances. We believe that everyone should be given a fair go and if you decide to make another deposit into the account to continue trading, we will clear the negative balance on your account and bring the account back to 0, so that the new deposit could be credited to it.
Do you permit use of Expert Advisors (EAs)?
Yes, we allow the use of any Expert Advisors which customers may use to help them in trading. Customers use any such programs at their own risk. We would like to point that if any of the EA programs used by the customer will be abusing our prices datafeeds or interfering with our system in any way, we will suspend or close the trading terminal where such program is used.
Are there any forex pairs for which you do not provide no-swap accounts?
Yes. We are unable for offer no swap accounts for the currencies SEK,DKK,NOK,CZK,HUF,PLN,CZK,MXN,HKD,ZAR,TRY. This however does not affect islamic type of accounts. It is possible to have an islamic accounts (without swaps) for all pairs including the ones mentioned above.
How to calculate the value of 1 point (pip) for one lot of a currency pair?
Lets use the pair EURCHF as an example. If the current ask price is 1.600 it means that to buy one lot worth of EUR (EUR 100,000) you need CHF 160,000. With the price moving one point to 1.6001 the value of the base currency remains the same EUR 100,000, but to buy this amount you would need 160,010 of the quote currency, CHF. This means that the value of one pip is 160,010 160,000 = 10 CHF. For pairs with 3 digits after the dot the value of the pip is calculated in 3 digit numbers (i.e. 100s); for pairs that have 2 digits after the dot the pip value is calculated in 4 digit numbers (i.e. 1000s). For example, in all pairs with USD as a quote currency (EURUSD, GBPUSD...) the value of the pip is $10. In pairs where JPY is a quote currency (USDJPY, EURJPY) one pip is equal 1000 Yen, which is approximately $8-12 depending on the JPY rate. We have a free pip value calculator for iphone available at


是。通常开启杠杆是 1:100的外汇交易头寸。这意味着如果您缴纳 1000 美元作为保证金,您就可以买入价值为 100 000 美元的货币。例如,设定 1 手的 USDAUD 购买后,您会用 128 984 澳元买到 100 000 美元(按撰写此文时的汇率)。从技术上说,由于您的交易保证金是 1:100,所以您欠债 128 984 澳元。如所有贷款一样,我们为您提供的杠杆是有利息的:交易者必须支付利息。但是,由于外汇交易的买入和卖出是成对进行的,所以您的头寸的美元部分实际上同时也为您赚取了利润。其利率是最小的。例如,LIBID USD 利率是每年约 2%。通常交易者在隔夜头寸交易的存款部分获得的利润要比贷款部分的多。与周末会下跌的费用/银行存款会在周四午夜计算出来。您的账户会显示您的账户用于保持隔夜头寸所需的银行存款或费用。
I have recently became the IB and would like to refer customers to you. What is considered as "opened" trading account to qualify for commission under option 1?
For the purposes of commission the account is considered to be opened when the customer submits the required documentation and we issue the account number and password. We also look if the account had any trades in the month preceding the date when commission payments are due to the IB. We will not pay commissions for "dummy", not working accounts and will not tolerate any abuse of the referral system.
Yes, we do. Our Islamic accounts completely satisfy Islamic religious prohibitions of not receiving or paying interest. They do not have any swaps calculated for the open positions. There could be a small maintenance fee taken at the end of each trading day. The customer may also receive a small amount of money from us as a gift at the end of the trading session.
The No Swap account is an account where daily swaps are not calculated for the open positions. Our no swap accounts also do not have any fees or interests attached to them. Customers may use no swap accounts for certain trading strategies, however we will not tolerate any abuse of the system. For example, if the customer opens the positions on the no swap account for a few minutes before midnight and then closes immediately after midnight GMT, that would constitute an abuse and the "no swap" feature will be removed from the customers account.


什么是 CFD(差价合约交易)?

差价合约 (CFD) 是交易双方互相交换金融工具或有价证券的进入价和脱手价差价的一种合约。此交易,通常也称作调期交易,最终以双方支付买入价与卖出价之间的差价成交。




The required minimum is equivalent of US$500 for share CFDs, for Indices and for OIL contracts.


您可以开立免费演示账户,同时还会获得高达 50,000 美元的演示存款进行交易练习。




一旦您开立差价合约账户并在其中存入资金之后,您就可以下载我们具先进的 交易平台 并进行交易。.




是 – 您在市场关市后数小时内还可以在系统中发出订单,当标的市场开市后会立即执行此订单。






报表和合约通知可通过电子邮件获得。用户可以通过 Web 浏览器访问他们的账户。账户的价值按隔夜市场价值计算。


首期保证金是在为持有头寸而发出订单之前,要求您存入您的账户的最低存款金额。此金额是在买入或卖出时差价合约值的一个百分率。通常为 10%。

变动保证金是买入或卖出时的差价合约值与交易日结束时市场价值的差价。当出现不利的价格变化时,我们就会通过电子邮件、短信或电话发送保证金追缴通知,客户可以将要求资金存入其 Forex-Metal 账户以满足保证金金额的要求。

I had a long position opened on Oil since the beginning of August. I see that in the middle of the month you have calculated the swaps and my account shows -$100. Why is that?

It is important to understand that our Oil instrument is our own product which equals a standard ICE Brent future contract. However, our product is not a futures type contract. It is a purely speculative instrument we have created to allow our customers to take advantage of the daily oil price changes. To create the prices for our product we use the prices of ICE Brent future contract as a basis. Futures contracts have expiry date every month, on which they are settled. Our product does not have an expiry date. We simply rollover our customers positions on the day before the settlement of the underlying futures contract. The expiry date of the August futures was 16th of August. From 17th of August we started to use the prices datafeed of the September futures. Theoretically, if you were trading futures, you would need to close your position on the 16th and open a new one. The prices between the expired month and the new month are usually different, which creates either a profit or loss position. Unlike the futures contract, we allow our customers to open or close positions on Oil, irrespective when the underlying futures contract expires. You are simply speculating on the daily changes of the oil price. Only if you hold your position on Oil open during the rollover time, we will have to calculate the difference between the price of the expired months contract (i.e. August) and the new month (i.e. September) and adjust your position accordingly. There are no swaps calculated on a daily basis. In this example, the difference between the August and September prices at settlement was $1. You had a position opened for 100 barrels, which gained your $100 automatically. However, you did not actually hold the futures contract, so we had to make a cash adjustment, so there is no profit or loss made during the rollover period. Similarly, if you would lose $100 because of the two months prices difference at the time of the settlement, we would credit your account with that amount. What to do if you dont want to keep your position open at the time of the rollover? You can open or close positions at any time during our trading hours. Certainly, you can close your opened positions before the rollover. The information of the ICE contracts expiry dates could be found 此处.




您的资金由 AAA 级银行在分离的账户中持有,且受一般客户资金规则的保护。






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阿富汗 阿富汗尼 AFA 004 2
阿尔巴尼亚 列克 ALL 008 2
阿尔及利亚 阿尔及利亚第纳尔 DZD 012 2
美属萨摩亚 美元 USD 840 2
 西班牙比塞塔 ESP 724 0
 法郎 FRF 250 2
 安道尔比塞塔 ADP 020 0
 新宽扎 AON 024 2
 已调整宽札 AOR 982 2
安圭拉 东加勒比元 XCD 951 2
南极洲 无统一货币
安提瓜和巴布达 东加勒比元 XCD 951 2
阿根廷 阿根廷比索 ARS 032 2
亚美尼亚 亚美尼亚德拉姆 AMD 051 2
阿鲁巴 阿鲁巴盾 AWG 533 2
澳大利亚 澳元 AUD 036 2
奥地利 先令 ATS 040 2
阿塞拜疆 阿塞拜疆马纳特 AZM 031 2
巴哈马 巴哈马元 BSD 044 2
巴林 巴林第纳尔 BHD 048 3
孟加拉国 塔卡 BDT 050 2
巴巴多斯 巴巴多斯元 BBD 052 2
白俄罗斯 白俄罗斯卢布 BYR 974 0
比利时 比利时法郎 BEF 056 0
伯利兹 伯利兹元 BZD 084 2
贝宁 多哥非洲共同体法郎 1

XOF 952 0
百慕大 百慕大元
(通常称为 Bermuda Dollar)

BMD 060 2
 印度卢比 INR 356 2
 努扎姆 BTN 064 2
 玻利维亚诺 BOB 068 2
 Mvdol 2

BOV >984 2
波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那 那可兑换马克 BAM 977 2
博茨瓦纳 普拉 BWP 072 2
布维特岛 挪威克朗 NOK 578 2
巴西 巴西雷亚尔 BRL 986 2
英属印度洋领地 美元 USD 840 2
文莱达鲁萨兰国 文莱元 BND 096 2
 列弗 BGL 100 2
 保加利亚列弗 BGN 975 2
布基纳法索 多哥非洲共同体法郎 1

XOF 952 0
布隆迪 布隆迪法郎 BIF 108 0
柬埔寨 瑞尔 KHR 116 2
喀麦隆 中非共同体法郎 3

XAF 950 0
加拿大 加拿大元 CAD 124 2
佛得角 佛得角埃斯库多 CVE 132 2
开曼群岛 开曼岛元 KYD 136 2
中非共和国 中非共同体法郎 3

XAF 950 0
乍得 中非共同体法郎 3

XAF 950 0
 智利比索 CLP 152 0
 Unidades de fomento 2

CLF 990 0
中国 人民币(元) CNY 156 2
圣诞岛 澳元 AUD 036 2
科科斯(基林)群岛 澳元 AUD 036 2
哥伦比亚 哥伦比亚比索 COP 170 2
科摩罗 科摩罗法郎 KMF 174 0
刚果 中非共同体法郎 3

XAF 950 0
刚果民主共和国 刚果法郎 CDF 976 2
库克群岛 新西兰元 NZD 554 2
哥斯达黎加 哥斯达黎加科郎 CRC 188 2
科特迪瓦 多哥非洲共同体法郎 1

XOF 952 0
克罗地亚 库纳 HRK 191 2
古巴 古巴比索 CUP 192 2
塞浦路斯 塞浦路斯镑 CYP 196 2
捷克共和国 捷克克朗 CZK 203 2
丹麦 丹麦克朗 DKK 208 2
吉布提 吉布提法郎 DJF 262 0
多米尼加 东加勒比元 XCD 951 2
多米尼加共和国 多米尼加比索 DOP 214 2
 帝汶埃斯库多 TPE 626 0
 卢比 IDR 360 2
 苏克雷 ECS 218 2
 Unidad de Valor Constante (UVC) 2

ECV 983 2
埃及 埃及磅 EGP 818 2
萨尔瓦多 萨尔瓦多科朗 SVC 222 2
赤道几内亚 中非共同体法郎 3

XAF 950 0
爱沙尼亚 克伦 EEK 233 2
厄立特里亚 纳克法 ERN 232 2
埃塞俄比亚 埃塞俄比亚比尔 ETB 230 2
欧洲货币联盟(EMU) 4, 10

欧元 EUR 978 2
福克兰群岛(马尔维纳斯) 福克兰群岛镑 FKP 238 2
法罗群岛 丹麦克朗 DKK 208 2
斐济 斐济元 FJD 242 2
芬兰 马克 FIM 246 2
法国 法郎 FRF 250 2
法属圭亚那 法郎 FRF 250 2
法属波利尼西亚 太平洋法郎 XPF 953 0
法属南半球领地 法郎 FRF 250 2
加蓬 中非共同体法郎 3

XAF 950 0
冈比亚 达拉西 GMD 270 2
乔治亚 拉里 GEL 981 2
德国 德国马克 DEM 280 2
加纳 塞地 GHC 288 2
直布罗陀 直布罗陀镑 GIP 292 2
希腊 德拉克马 GRD 300 0
格陵兰 丹麦克朗 DKK 208 2
格林纳达 东加勒比元 XCD 951 2
瓜德罗普 法郎 FRF 250 2
关岛 美元 USD 840 2
危地马拉 格查尔 GTQ 320 2
几内亚 几内亚法郎 GNF 324 0
 几内亚-比绍比索 GWP 624 2
 多哥非洲共同体法郎 1

XOF 952 0
圭亚那 圭亚那元 GYD 328 2
 古德 HTG 332 2
 美元 USD 840 2
赫德岛和麦克唐纳岛 澳元 AUD 036 2
梵蒂冈(梵蒂冈城国) 意大利里拉 ITL 380 0
洪都拉斯 伦皮拉 HNL 340 2
香港 港元 HKD 344 2
匈牙利 福林 HUF 348 2
冰岛 冰岛克朗 ISK 352 2
印度 印度卢比 INR 356 2
印度尼西亚 卢比 IDR 360 2
国际货币基金组织(IMF) 4

SDR XDR 960 N.A.
伊朗伊斯兰共和国 朗里亚尔 IRR 364 2
伊拉克 伊拉克第纳尔 IQD 368 3 7

爱尔兰 爱尔兰镑 IEP 372 2
以色列 以色列新谢克尔 5

ILS 376 2
意大利 意大利里拉 ITL 380 0
牙买加 牙买加元 JMD 388 2
日本 日元 JPY 392 0
约旦 约旦第纳尔 JOD 400 3
哈萨克 腾格 KZT 398 2
肯尼亚 肯尼亚先令 KES 404 2
基里巴斯 澳元 AUD 036 2
朝鲜民主主义人民共和国 北朝鲜元 KPW 408 2
韩国 韩元 KRW 410 0
科威特 科威特第纳尔 KWD 414 3
吉尔吉斯斯坦 索姆 KGS 417 2
老挝人民民主共和国 基普 LAK 418 2
拉脱维亚 拉脱维亚拉特 LVL 428 2
黎巴嫩 黎巴嫩镑 LBP 422 2
兰特 ZAR 710 2
(金融兰特) 2

ZAL 991 2
洛蒂 LSL 426 2
利比里亚 利比里亚元 LRD 430 2
利比亚 利比亚第纳尔 LYD 434 3
列支敦士登 瑞士法郎 CHF 756 2
立陶宛 立陶宛里塔斯 LTL 440 2
卢森堡 卢森堡法郎 LUF 442 0
澳门 澳门币 MOP 446 2
前南斯拉夫马其顿共和国 第纳尔 MKD 807 2
马达加斯加 马达加斯加法郎 MGF 450 0
马拉维 克瓦查 MWK 454 2
马来西亚 马来西亚林吉特 MYR 458 2
马尔代夫 拉菲亚 MVR 462 2
马里 多哥非洲共同体法郎 1

XOF 952 0
马耳他 马耳他里拉 MTL 470 2
马绍尔群岛 美元 USD 840 2
马提尼克岛 法郎 FRF 250 2
毛利塔尼亚 乌吉亚 MRO 478 2
毛里求斯 毛里求斯卢比 MUR 480 2
 墨西哥比索 MXN 484 2
 墨西哥 Unidad de Inversion (UDI) 2

MXV 979 2
密克罗尼西亚联邦 美元 USD 840 2
摩尔多瓦共和国 摩尔多瓦列伊 MDL 498 2
摩纳哥 法郎 FRF 250 2
蒙古 图格里克 MNT 496 2
蒙特塞拉特 东加勒比元 XCD 951 2
摩洛哥 摩洛哥迪拉姆 MAD 504 2
莫桑比克 梅蒂尔卡 MZM 508 2
缅甸 MMK 104 2
 兰特 ZAR 710 2
 纳米比亚元 6

NAD 516 2
瑙鲁 澳元 AUD 036 2
尼泊尔 尼泊尔卢比 NPR 524 2
荷兰 荷兰盾 NLG 528 2
荷属安的列斯 荷属安的列斯盾 ANG 532 2
新喀里多尼亚 太平洋法郎 XPF 953 0
新西兰 新西兰元 NZD 554 2
尼加拉瓜 科多巴 NIO 558 2
尼日尔 多哥非洲共同体法郎 1

XOF 952 0
尼日利亚 奈拉 NGN 566 2
纽埃 新西兰元 NZD 554 2
诺福克岛 澳元 AUD 036 2
北马里亚纳群岛 美元 USD 840 2
挪威 挪威克朗 NOK 578 2
阿曼 阿曼里亚尔 OMR 512 3
巴基斯坦 巴基斯坦卢比 PKR 586 2
帕劳 美元 USD 840 2
 巴波亚 PAB 590 2
 美元 USD 840 2
巴布亚新几内亚 基那 PGK 598 2
巴拉圭 瓜拉尼 PYG 600 0
秘鲁 新比索 PEN 604 2
菲律宾 菲律宾比索 PHP 608 2
皮特克恩 新西兰元 NZD 554 2
波兰 兹罗提 PLN 985 2
葡萄牙 葡萄牙埃斯库多 PTE 620 0
波多黎各 美元 USD 840 2
卡塔尔 卡塔尔里亚尔 QAR 634 2
留尼旺 法郎 FRF 250 2
罗马尼亚 列伊 ROL 642 2
 俄罗斯卢布 RUR 810 2
 俄罗斯卢布 RUB 643 2
卢旺达 卢旺达法郎 RWF 646 0
圣赫勒拿 圣赫勒拿磅 SHP 654 2
圣基茨和尼维斯 东加勒比元 XCD 951 2
圣卢西亚 东加勒比元 XCD 951 2
圣彼埃尔和密克隆 法郎 FRF 250 2
圣文森特和格林纳丁斯 东加勒比元 XCD 951 2
萨摩亚 他拉 WST 882 2
圣马力诺 意大利里拉 ITL 380 0
圣多美和普林西比 多布拉 STD 678 2
沙特阿拉伯 沙特里亚尔 SAR 682 2
塞内加尔 多哥非洲共同体法郎 1

XOF 952 0
塞舌尔 塞舌尔卢比 SCR 690 2
塞拉利昂 利昂 SLL 694 2
新加坡 新加坡元 SGD 702 2
斯洛伐克 斯洛伐克克朗 SKK 703 2
斯洛文尼亚 托拉尔 SIT 705 2
所罗门群岛 所罗门群岛元 SBD 090 2
索马里 索马里先令 SOS 706 2
南非 兰特 ZAR 710 2
西班牙 西班牙比塞塔 ESP 724 0
斯里兰卡 斯里兰卡卢比 LKR 144 2
苏丹 苏丹第纳尔 SDD 736 2
苏里南 苏里南盾 SRG 740 2
斯瓦尔巴岛和扬马延岛 挪威克朗 NOK 578 2
斯威士兰 里兰吉尼 SZL 748 2
瑞典 瑞典克朗 SEK 752 2
瑞士 瑞士法郎 CHF 756 2
阿拉伯叙利亚共和国 叙利亚镑 SYP 760 2
中国台湾省 新台币 TWD 901 2
塔吉克斯坦 塔吉克卢布 TJR 762 0
坦桑尼亚联合共和国 坦桑尼亚先令 TZS 834 2
泰国 THB 764 2
多哥 多哥非洲共同体法郎 1

XOF 952 0
托克劳 新西兰元 NZD 554 2
汤加 潘加 TOP 776 2
特立尼达和多巴哥 特立尼达多巴哥元 TTD 780 2
突尼斯 突尼斯第纳尔 TND 788 3
土耳其 土耳其里拉 TJR 792 2
土库曼斯坦 马纳特 TMM 795 2
特克斯凯科斯群岛 美元 USD 840 2
图瓦卢 澳元 AUD 036 2
乌干达 乌干达先令 8

UGX 800 0
乌克兰 格里夫尼亚 UAH 980 2
阿拉伯联合酋长国 阿联酋迪拉姆 AED 784 2
英国 英镑 GBP 826 2
 美元 USD 840 2
 (当日) 2

USS 998 2
 (次日) 2

USN 997 2
美国本土外小岛屿 美元 USD 840 2
乌拉圭 乌拉圭比索 UYU 858 2
乌兹别克斯坦 乌兹别克苏姆 UZS 860 2
瓦努阿图 瓦图 VUV 548 0
委内瑞拉 玻利瓦 VEB 862 2
越南 越盾 VND 704 2
英属维尔群岛 美元 USD 840 2
美属维尔群岛 美元 USD 840 2
瓦利斯和富图纳 太平洋法郎 XPF 953 0
西撒哈拉 摩洛哥迪拉姆 MAD 504 2
也门 也门里亚尔 YER 886 2
南斯拉夫 新第纳尔 YUM 891 2
扎伊尔 新扎伊尔 ZRN 180 2
赞比亚 克瓦查 ZMK 894 2
津巴布韦 津巴布韦元 ZWD 716 2
 XAU 959 N.A.
 欧洲复合单位 (EURCO) XBA 955 N.A.
 欧洲货币单位 (E.M.U.-6) 9

XBB 956 N.A.
 欧洲记账单位 9 (E.U.A.- 9) XBC 957 N.A.
 欧洲记账单位 17 (E.U.A.- 17) XBD 958 N.A.
 XPD 964 N.A.
 XPT 962 N.A.
 XAG 961 N.A.

Affiliate FAQ

What is Forex-Metal affiliate program about?
As Forex-Metal affiliate, you place your referral link and/on banners on your website, blog, social media profile (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), inside your mobile app, or as a forum or email signature. We use tracking software to track every account opened by the people you refer. For every new client you refer you will receive generous commissions. There are a few commission options that we offer. It could be a fixed commission per account or ongoing commissions from customers trading with us. Such commission can generate you thousands of dollars a month in revenue.
How do I join Forex-Metal affiliate program?
It is fast and easy. All you need to do is to fill out the form here: Once you submit the sign up form, you will receive your affiliate account number and the link/banners you can use to refer customers.
Why should I choose Forex-Metal affiliate program?
Forex-Metal affiliate program is definitely the best forex affiliate program to choose from because it has:
  • many commission options to choose from (from $100 for every account opened by a referred person, 10% for each deposit made by a referred person, and/or from 1 pip per lot for each lot traded by referred customer plus a revenue share);
  • increased commissions for VIP affiliates;
  • second tier commission on each of the commission options;
  • ability to promote each option individually or at the same time;
  • affiliate links, optimized for mobile devices;
  • personal affiliate manager, assigned to each affiliate.
Does it cost me anything to become Forex-Metal affiliate?
No, it is absolutely free! You do not have to pay anything to apply, there are no obligations, and you can cancel your affiliate membership at any time.
Who can become an affiliate?
Anyone can become Forex-Metal affiliate as long as they (1) are at least 18 years of age, (2) provide Forex-Metal with valid contact and personal information, (3) use ethical marketing methods, and (4) do not market our company on websites, ptromoting sex, violence, illegal activities, etc. It is the responsibility of an affiliate to comply with their local relevant regulations.
Do I need to have a trading account with Forex-Metal to become an affiliate?
Yes, you will create a trading account as part of the affiliate/IB registration. You do not have to trade. The account is needed to accumulate your commission payments in it.
How do I earn money?
Once you submit the sign up form, you will receive your affiliate account number and get access to your affiliate profile where you can find referral link(s) and banners. You can place your referral link and/on banners on your website, blog, social media profile (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), inside your mobile app, or as a forum or email signature. We use tracking software to track every account opened by the people you refer. For every new client you refer you will receive generous commissions.
I do not have a website or blog. Can I still become your affiliate?
Yes, absolutely. Even if you do not have your own website, that is fine because we have free pre-designed website templates that allow Introducing Brokers to create their own forex websites in a matter of minutes. The process of creating a fully-functional website is very easy: one needs to download one of the template packages and follow simple instructions in the documentation file provided. All one needs is a domain to host the website on. You can also put your affiliate link on your social media page or as an email signature.
How much do you pay in commissions?
There are 3 main commission options:
- $100 for every new trading account opened through your referral;
- 10% from each deposit made by people you refer;
- 1 pip from each lot traded by people you refer plus a revenue share.
For experienced IBs (those who have referred more than 10 working clients) we offer even more: 2 pips per lot commission from trading. In case you are signed under the 1st commission option (commission for every new account opened by the people you refer), when you are upgraded to VIP status (when you bring 10 working clients), you will receive $200 CPA commission for each new account. You can promote all 3 referral links simultaneously and every time someone opens an account with us via your link, you will get a commission.
We reward active partners and can always tailor our commission structure to your specific needs.
I have recently become an IB and would like to refer customers to you. What is considered as "opened" trading account to qualify for commission under option 1?
For the purposes of commission, the account is considered to be opened when the customer submits the required documentation and we issue the account number and password. We will not pay commissions for "dummy", not working accounts and will not tolerate any abuse of the referral system. The affiliate will receive a $100 CPA (commission per action) for every new account opened via his referral link, providing the referred customer deposits at least $75 into the account as a first deposit and makes at least 10 full lots worth of trades.
I have referred a friend to open a $100 no-deposit bonus account. Will I receive commissions for that?
No. $100 is free bonus that we give to the customer. You will only be entitled for affiliate commission for new accounts if the customer deposits his own money and starts trading.
How much can I expect to earn?
No limits! It all depends on how many clients you refer to use our services. We have many successful referring partners being paid well over $10,000 in commissions a month.
How often are commissions paid?
Commissions for the previous month are paid at the beginning of the next month.
How do I get paid?
You can withdraw commissions, using any of the available withdrawal methods.
What is the minimum payout amount?
There is no minimum payout requirement.
Can you explain the tiered commission structure?
We offer a second tier commissions on each of the commission options. The 2nd tier commission is 10% of the first tier one. This means that if you refer someone who himself becomes an affiliate and starts referring customers to us, you will receive 10% of the commissions earned by this affiliate. For example: the affiliate referred by you introduced a few customers to us using all 3 commission options and this month made a total of $1000 in commissions. You, as a second tier, will receive $100, being 10% of the 1st tier payout.
How long do I need to wait to become approved?
You will receive your affiliate account details within minutes after submitting the online form.
I have signed up, now what?
After you receive your affiliate account details, you can log into your affiliate profile and find all the marketing materials you need as well as detailed information about affiliate options, your referrals, and useful tips. You can always contact our affiliate managers at [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]
Where do I get the links and banners?
All affiliate tools are available inside the Get Banners section of your affiliate account.
Do you support mobile integration?
Yes, we are very proud to offer better solutions to those affiliates who have websites, adapted for mobile access by offering affiliate links, optimized for mobile devices. This is also a great opportunity for mobile application developers to monetize their traffic by adding a second stream of income.
What types of banners are available?
The banners are available in English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, and Albanian languages. Other language banners are available upon request. Marketing materials highlight 40% deposit bonus, Fx Edge ECN accounts, free trading signals, $100 no-deposit bonus as well as increased CPA deal for affiliates.
How do I know how much commission I've earned?
You can track your commission and referrals through your account, in "My Referrals" section.
How do you track my referrals?
The system is tracking the people you refer. Every time someone opens a trading account with us via your affiliate link, the record of it will appear in your affiliate account history. You will be able to view all the clients you referred in Cabinet section on our website.
What information will I receive on my referrals?
You will see the name of the person you referred; his/her account number, the date the account was opened, and the status of his/her account.
How do I get promoted to a higher partner level?
After you refer 10 working clients, you will be automatically upgraded to a higher partner level and will start receiving higher commissions for the new clients you refer.
Can I earn commissions on my own trades?
No, you cannot earn commissions on your own trades, but you can participate in Forex-Metal rebate program that allows traders to receive a 0.5 pip rebate on their trades.
Where can I view your full terms and conditions?
You can find Affiliate Agreement here
I forgot my affiliate account number and password. What do I do?
You can request a new password here
Who do I contact if I have questions about your affiliate program?
You can contact Maritza Garcia at [email protected] or Betty Snyder at [email protected]. Also, feel free to contact our online operators via live chat support, email [email protected], [email protected], or by Skype: Forex-Metal.
What sort of assistance do you provide to your affiliates?
We are willing to help you succeed. You will be assigned with a dedicated personal affiliate manager who will always be there to answer all your questions and concerns and to give you great tips on how to become a successful affiliate and get the most success out of our partnership.

FX Replitrader FAQ

I have joined one of the signal providers a couple of days ago and I don`t receive any signals - no trades are being made on my account. What is the problem?
Most likely you do not have enough funds in the account to open trades. The orders are being opened in proportion to the balance on the account. Most FX Replitraders recommend a certain amount of balance for their strategy to be effective. We recommend to deposit at least $500, this in most cases would be enough to open a few orders.
I joined one of the FX Replitraders and now I want to change and join another one, how do I do that?
You can cancel your subscription to the signals from a particular provider at any time by "unticking" him in your Trader`s account profile on our site.

Rewards FAQ

What are Forex Rewards?
Forex Rewards are the reward points we give to traders to reward their loyalty. Once a sufficient amount of the points is accumulated, it can be changed into cash and added into a trading account or converted into one of the prizes available. It means that active traders can receive cash or physical items, such as gift cards or gadgets for free.
How can I open a Forex Rewards account?
Just like a normal account. From 1st September 2013 every new account is automatically enrolled into rewards program. The only exceptions are trading rebates and "no deposit" bonuses. If you want to receive rebates for your trading you should open a separate account for Forex Rewards. If you are using a free "no deposit" bonus on your account, you will start receiving rewards points for your trading only after you complete the bonus conditions and deposit funds into the account.
I am an existing customer. How can I participate in the Forex Rewards program?
It's simple. Contact our support, tell them you want to participate and either make a new deposit of at least $100 or take a deposit bonus, to be able to start accumulating the rewards points. If your account is already receiving trading rebates or 0.5 pip or more, then you would need to open a new trading account for Forex Rebates.
If I refer another person to open an account, would I still get a commission for that or only the reward points?
Yes, you will continue getting a referral commission as you normally would. The reward points are not a substitute for regular commission. You are receiving it in addition to the commission payments.
Where can I see my rewards balance?
Inside your trader's room profile on our site.
Where can I find the explanation of how the points are counted and the list of available rewards (prizes)?
Also inside your account profile on our site, Forex Rewards section.
My rewards points balance shows that I already have some points collected. Can I convert the points into cash to add to my trading account and can the cash be withdrawn?
The minimum amount you can redeem is $50. If your points balance shows a number of points equivalent in value to this amount, you can choose the options from the list of prizes that lets you to convert points to cash and click Redeem. Once the request is processed, the amount of money will be added to your trading account. You can do with it what you wish, including using one of the available withdrawal options. Note, you can also redeem your rewards points balance to receive a free gift from us, for example a gift card or a debit card.
How to get my first free gift card quicker?
A new account with a deposit of $10,000 or more will automatically get a $50 gift card.
I saw a banner advertising $1000 gift card. What does it mean? How can I get the $1000 gift card?
Any deposit of $100,000 will automatically qualify for a complimentary gift card or that value.

Risk Free promotion FAQ

Example 1
Customer deposits $250 and opens 10 trades. After closing 7 of them, total loss is $200. Total loss from the first 5 trades is $150. $150 is refunded to the customer.
Example 2
Customer deposits $150 and opens 7 trades. After closing 3 of them, the loss is $100. Customer asks for a refund and receives the refund of $100. The customer then opens 3 more trades and 2 from them were again closed at a loss. We are unable to refund this loss, because we can offer a refund only once.
Example 3
Customer deposits $250. After the first 5 trades the total loss is $270. The account is in negative: - $20. We refund $250 as we can only refund the amount of the deposit. The negative balance is written off and the account is back to 0. Customer can make a new deposit and receive an up to 51% bonus on it.



基本上来说,这是一种在一个位置以低价买进某物,然后在其他位置以高价售出,从中获取利润的艺术。全球电子交易的崛起使得这种交易过程变得更为快速、简便,这样套利商人 – 他们被这样称呼 – 只需几秒钟就可以将大笔资金在各个大陆之间转换,以充分开掘不同市场中投资报价之间的小差价 – 例如,外国货币。


A measure of transactions resulting in payments from one country to all other countries during a specified period of time. If more money flows in than out, the balance of payments is positive. These transactions take place in either the Current Account, the Financial Account or the Capital Account. Balance of payments serves as another economic indicator of a countrys relative value, and includes the trade balance, foreign investments and investments by foreigners.
基点 (bp)
A measure which is mainly used in the statement of interest rates. One hundredth of 1% 25 basis points is equal to 0.25%.
美国新罕布什尔州的一个地方,1944 年曾在此确立了战后外汇交易系统。


外汇交易中,英镑对美元交易率的业内用语。暗指位于大西洋底部、在 20 世纪 70 年代到 80 年代早期用于链接纽约和伦敦交易所内的自动收报机的电缆。
CAC 40
法国 CAC 市场上列出的 40 家最大公司的股价指数。该 CAC 指数由 Societe des Bourse Francaises 公布。
The bank that provides financial and banking services to the government of a country and its commercial banking system and which implements the governments monetary policy.
相等的反向交易,即,买入 1000 BT 股票后再卖出 1000 BT 的股票,该头寸即自动关单。
差价合约 (CFD)
CFD 的意思是差价合约。它们的开发是为了使客户能够获得因持有股票而应得的利益,但无需实际占有股票。换句话说,您不能进行 CFD 交割,所以您应该处理好您买入合约位置和卖出合约位置之间的差价问题。该差价可能赢利,也可能亏损。


DAX 30 指数
德国法兰克福股票交易所列出的 30 家最大公司的股价指数。DAX 是一种‘全收益’指数,用以衡量红利收益以及股价表现。
Refers to opening and closing the same position, or positions, within a single days trading and before the value date changes.
‘道琼斯工业平均指数’是美国最早使用的股票市场指数,用于衡量 30 家选出作为代表的蓝筹股公司的绩效。这 30 家公司是由道琼斯公司和华尔街日报共同选出的。


ECB – 欧洲中央银行


美联储 (Fed)
美国联邦储备系统由美国 12 家地方银行、联邦储备委员会 (FRB) 和联邦公开市场委员会 (FOMC) 组成。一般由联邦储备委员会的主席担任领导的联邦公开市场委员会,每年要召开八次会议,商讨制定美国的货币政策问题,包括关键的利率。
费波纳契线是建立在自然存在的比率基础之上。该比率以“费波纳契数”为基础。这些数中,每个相继数都是该数前两个数值之和。例如,1、1、2、3、5、8、13、21、34、55、89、144 等。
这些数字之间存在着一系列的关系,如以上给定的数字(3 以后的)中,每个数字都约为前一个数字的 1.618 倍。其变化趋势趋向于呈费波纳契研究创建的费波纳契线,如弧形、扇形、折线和时区。
隔夜执行的 CFD 股票头寸会导致所有头寸交易融资成本的产生。如果客户以 5% 的保证金开启头寸,隔夜融资将为 100% 的余额。长期进行 CFD 交易的客户需要向 FOREX-METAL.COM 支付利息,而短期交易客户会从 FOREX-METAL.COM 处收到利息。
A scheme whereby a countrys currency exchange rate against others is determined by market forces with no intervention from government.
FTSE 全股指数由三种指数构成 - FTSE100、FTSE Mid 250 和 FTSE Small Cap
是涉及两种货币(仅本金金额)实际交换的交易,一种是在规定的日期,以缔结合约时约定的汇率进行交易 (short leg);另一种是在将来的某个日期,以缔结合约时约定的汇率进行交易 (long leg)。


指定日期前有效 (GTD)
GTC – 撤销前有效


外汇报价中被采用来进行报价的主要数位。例如,1.2800 的 EUR/USD 报价句柄即为 128。外汇经销商/交易者通常不采用句柄形式报价。


An If Done order is a combination of two orders and should be ideal if you are unable to watch the market all the time but want to participate in a market move in your favour and/or exit a move against you.
由于缺少您要销售的产品的需求,所以很难更改您的现金资产。请参阅“流动性”。作为做市商, 通过不断报告买价和卖价点差,为您提供这方面的流动性。
IMF – 国际货币基金组织
A steady rise in the general prices of consumer goods and services, resulting in a decrease in a currencys purchasing power. Inflation rises with increases in money supply and credit, and is widely gauged through the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Index (PPI). Most central banks strive to maintain inflation in the 2-3% range.
The interest paid on borrowed funds (or received on funds loaned), expressed as an annualized percentage. There are many different interest rates quoted for each country, but the rate most relevant to FX traders is the overnight borrowing rate as determined by each countrys central bank. In the US, the Federal Reserve committee meets every few months to set the Federal Funds rate. The overnight lending rates not only determine how much interest is earned or owed on currency positions held overnight, but also impact currency valuations, as higher yielding currencies (all else held constant) attract more capital.


A countrys Central Bank periodically comments publicly on monetary policy and on its outlook towards its own currency, in an attempt to influence market sentiment and by extension, its currency exchange rates.


为提高投资潜在回报而借入的资金。外汇交易提供者通常允许的杠杆是 1:100。
伦敦同业拆借利率 (LIBOR)
A liquid market is one where there is a high number of bids and offers, resulting in a tight bid-ask spread. Within liquid markets, buyers and sellers can easily trade in and out of positions, without worrying about not finding a counterparty to their intended transaction. The FX market is the worlds most liquid financial market.


MACD - 平滑异同移动平均线
is a technical indicator that measures a FX pairs exchange rate swings. The MACD uses (in its calculation) two exponentially smoothed moving averages of the FX pairs historical price, and usually spans over a period of time. The MACD is often compared to its own moving average, providing traders signals on when the FX pair might rise or fall.
A cash deposit provided by clients as collateral to cover losses (if any) that may result from the clients trading activities.
市场价值/ Mkt Cap


NASDAQ - 全美证券商协会自动报价系统
是美国第二大股票交易市场,专为高技术和网络相关的公司(如 Microsoft)提供股票交易服务。NASDAQ 的运动能够对英国市场造成重要影响,对技术、媒体和电话公司最新启动的 techMARK 指数的影响尤其明显。
首次在股票市场上浮现的公司。向投资公众发行股票是一种筹集进一步发展资金的方式。也称为首次公开发行 (IPO)。
NYSE - 纽约证券交易所


OCO - 二择一委托单
于 1997 年 10 月 20 引进。FTSE 100 股票是在电子订单簿(位于 SEAQ 报价系统中)上进行的。当买价和卖价匹配时,新输入的订单或自动替换订单簿中的订单。
OTC – 店头市场


A currency is pegged or fixed when its countrys Central Bank decides to tie its value to a stronger currency, in an effort to stabilize its own currency. Currencies such as the Hong Kong Dollar have historically pegged to the US Dollar.
美国、法国、德国、日本和英国于 1985 年签订的协议,旨在共同对汇率产生影响。
根据当时的背景,通常为一基准点,即 0.0001。
A retreat of a FX pairs exchange rate from a recent top. A pullback may be a brief reversal of the current upward trend, signaling a pause in upward momentum. After major upward moves, pullbacks can provide buying opportunities. Pullbacks though, may also represent trend reversals.
PPP - 购买力平价
同一种交易商品或服务在两个不同国家中应该定以相同价格,以免增加套利机会的理论。PPP 规定,经过一段较长的时间之后,应该对两种货币之间的汇率进行调整以消除这些套利机会。PPP 理论忽视了运输消费、关税和交易消费。该理论还可用于评估两个国家的竞争市场。




公司以有利的折扣价向现有股东发行的额外股份。是公司用以筹集新资金以备进一步发展或为新的收购筹措现金的一种方式。以 145p 进行的五供二权意思是指现有股东当前若以每股 145p 的新投资持有五个股份,即可获得额外的两个股份。
通过将最近获益与最近损失量进行比较得出的技术因素指标,可以帮助确定 FX 对的超购和超售情况。计算公式如下:
RSI = 100 - (100 / 1 + RS)
RS = x 天的上升平均数/x 天的下跌平均数
RSI 均在 0 到 100 之间。RSI 值超过 70 表示 FX 对有超购现象,若低于 30 则表示 FX 对有超售现象。


组成部分具有相似特征的市场的独特子集。股票通常根据公司的业务分为多个不同的板块。例如,FTSE 100 中具有银行、石油和天然气以及药物板块。
客户怀着价值降低(贬值)的期望将其不再占有的货币或证券卖出的一种市场头寸。例如,交易者卖出 100,000 欧元对美元是卖空欧元对美元。在此情况下交易者希望欧元对美元的价值会降低。
A simple, or arithmetic, moving average can be calculated by adding the FX pairs closing exchange rate for a number of time periods and then dividing this sum by the number of periods. The SMA is essentially the average FX pair exchange rate over a time period. Equal weighting is applied to each exchange rate used in the calculation.
FX 合约是以即时价格为基础,结算日应提前两个工作日。
The difference between the marketmakers bid and offer price for a currency.
S & P - 标准普尔指数
美国前 500 强公司的绩效指数。
客户在某处没有关于此货币的交易或早期交易已逆转,因此在此创建中立的(持平、轧平)头寸。例如:买进 100,000 美元然后卖出 100,000 = 轧平。同时也称作持平。


集合整个市场上的技术公司组成的市场。该市场有自己的指数、FTSE techMARK 100 和 FTSE techMARK 全股。
由政府发行的一种债券。英国政府发行的债券称为金边证券,通常称作 gilts。
绘制这些趋势线是为了用以说明 FX 对的显著移动方向。趋势线的长度各有不同,适用于短期、中期或长期。趋势线常被趋势交易者用来帮助识别支撑点和阻力点,以防不慎选择逆向的任何头寸。
A trend trader strives to profit by taking a position in a FX pair in the direction of the pairs momentum. A long position is entered when a FX pair is trending upward (higher highs and higher lows), while a short position is taken when the stock is trending down (lower highs and lower lows). Trend traders stay in their position until the trend breaks.






02:41 GMD   Bid Ask
GBPUSD 1.47056 1.47084
USDCHF 0.98919 0.98945
AUDUSD 0.72062 0.72089
NZDUSD 0.67233 0.67261
EURJPY 122.601 122.631
GBPJPY 161.303 161.341
XAUUSD 1231.22 1231.72
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