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13/01/09 Kazimierz
Thanks very much for the speedy processing! What a surprise! Best regards
20/01/09 Reinhard
Thanks for depositing the bonus to my account and the comprehensive answers to all my questions!!! Best regards
28/01/09 James
Your prompt service is most appreciated. tks. am looking forward to moving to panama
2/02/09 mohd
Thank you very much for the bonus . FOREX METAL is GREAT platform . regards
2/02/09 chisom
Bless you. your service is the best i have ever seen. your patience and reponse is unbeatable.
5/02/09 Bruno
I've been dreaming trading through Forex-Metal so I'll try to become a good trader. I'll promote your website because I'm teaching people here how to trade on-line. Thank you for your enthusiasm. Best regards
11/02/09 Steven
You have an excellent support service for members comparing to other brokers. Thank you
14/02/09 mohamed
I hate writing long emails or post articles on forums, but this is exactly what i am going to do...I am going on Fap Turbo members Forum, Forex Peace Army Forum, FX Stadium Forums and all those other forums that i can find to post how YOU GUYS SHOULD BE THE CHOOSEN BROKER
14/02/09 mohamed
keep the spread low and maintain honest business practise and You Will Suceed
25/02/09 Adewale
Thanks so much for all the market reviews and updates from your platform
26/02/09 John
Thanks for being there for us. Great forex-metal.
18/03/09 Eric
I am very happy with the service I receive.
10/04/09 Nasir
I appreciate the way you are guiding me, and at the moment, all of my queries are answered, and I've planned to go with you. I hope that we have long lasting relationship.
13/04/09 Sadeeq
I came aross your site and fell in love to trade with you.
16/04/09 Alam
i think you are the best broker. i'm sure that forex-metal is honest broker. thanks.
27/04 James
i wish to thank F-M for prompt competent and courteous service-i have never read of a negative comment re F-M
29/04/09 Martin
Thank you Fore-Metal for all your help, and very quick and impressive service. I will recommend you on every website I vist.
11/05/09 Jeffrey
I look forward to working with an honest company. I am truly hoping that you are because I am signed up with a lot of forex review sites such as forex peace army and several others. I will be happy to give you good reviews if your company is an honest one.
25/05/09 Jeff
Just wanted to let you know that I am pleased with your service so far. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend. Thank you
4/06/09 Phillip
I write to thank and appreciate your straightforwardness in your dealings. I hope to White list your company within the next one year as I bring over our forex-community to your firm.
8/07/09 Dominic
Am so grateful for your customer support!
9/07/09 Cedric
Thank you for your excellent customer service.
13/07/09 Mark
Thank you very much for the funding, that was very quick
3/09/09 Henry
7/09/09 Phillip
Keep-up your good work!
9/09/09 Michael
Thank you very much for such excellent and speedy service!
16/09/09 Daniel
You guy are doing great job there. keep it up.
16/09/09 Samuel
I like your support team, keep it up.
26/10/09 Charles
I appreciate your great service!
28/10 Stephen
Thank you so very much for funding my LR account so speedily. Your service is truly tops and rare. It made me really glad to continue as a member and trade with your brokerage. My deep appreciation for Forex-Metal.
2/11/09 Antonio
Thank you very much great support
6/11/09 Paul
You peaple have always on the best brokers, I am enjoying trading with your platform. For this I am going to introduce more people to be using your platform. Keep it up
6/11/09 Gabriel
9/11/09 Izuchukwu
Good Broker keep it up
12/11/09 Chris
We are very excited about using Forex-Metal for our brokerage.
19/11/09 Stephen
Thank you so very much for the speedy funding. Truly, your service is 5-Star to say the least. Like they say, "Forex-Metal service is the one to beat." The Lord bless you!!!
24/11/09 GABRIEL
9/12/09 Agus
im so glad trade with forex metal, i will tell my all friends to trading with ur company.
11/01/10 Adam
Thank you so much for your response & provided information/explanation. My grandpa use to say: 'very often the darkest place is under the light'. Now everything is clear & I can use your platform the way it should be used. Thanks again & all of the best.
14/01/10 Stephen
Many thanks once again for your prompt and speedy payout. You have indeed continue to prove your services as the best in the FX industry. Much appreciated! Warmest regards!!!
1/03/10 Emmanuel
"As a trader and an IB to Forex Metal, I am highly pleased with your services I have observed that you are honest and good. Please keep it up as a brokerage company . In so doing, you will soon rule the forex world by Gods grace. God bless you all."
3/03/10 Adegbola
Your services are excellent. I have found my ideal Forex broker in you (Forex-Metal). You are great.
16/03/10 Ademola
Keep up the good work. I quite appreciate your services
19/03/10 desmond
After i won the contest i tested the trading platform and found out that the terminal order execution is excellent.
6/04/10 Valdir
I follow this technical analysis, which help greatly in making decisions.
3/05/10 Jurjen
The service is truly excellent! Keep up the good work!
14/05/10 Taeiwo
Forex metal is sweet fast and reliable i never knew i`m with one of the best brokers..... big thx
26/05-10 Taeiwo
Thanks a milli bravo my dearest brokers i`m really going to scream your name out loud to people so be ready to give me my ref bonus.... Thanks anyway you made my day.
9/06/10 Swami
Thank you again for the payments and support department. I made a withdrawal for 521 usd again and I got the withdrawal within a few hours after submission. Thank you again, I won't urge for withdrawals often,But at times need makes me urge. You had supported as always.
28/10/10 Abdul
Thanks a lot for the help. Really appreciate that.
10/11/10 Muritala
thank u very much, i really like the way u are responding to my question, i love it
17/01/11 Emme
Sir may I use this opportunity to thank you all these news letter you sent to me. They have actualy helped me to improve my forex kwowhow
20/01/2011 Jide
just wanted to thank u guys for the payment u made to my account today sometime spoke to rachel and annie with a lady can’t quite remember her name now, she was the one that gave me the real detail i needed with respect to the withdrawal processes. now i know u guys are reliable and it will be a pleasure to continue to do business with u, and ur customer service is wonderful! always composed irrespective of how i got angry u just remained calm all the way keep up the good work
2/02/11 Hisham
Dear great team! I hope to thank you very much for calling me while we were in crisis in Egypt. Now internet is back You save me by closing all the opened positions. You are very honest broker and really care about customers hope you all the success And great thanks to the rep. who called me, sorry I don't remember her name . Please give her a bonus :) best regards
4/08/11 hazem
im very happy to open account here this is best broker to now please open my account thank you
31/07/11 Naveed
Okay and Thank you so much dear sir Forex-Metal Customer Support is a very best service. again thanks. with Best Regards
1/08/11 AMOL
13/09/11 Sandrine
I have looked around for other brokers and I am so happy with your service and trading terms that I would prefer to continue using your company as my broker for a large part of my portfolio.
14/09/11 Abeed
I wish to continue trading with you since you offer higher leveraged account and I am a Speculator!!!
18/09/11 Abiola
I will go and tell it to other trader's on website and blogs the you guys are real!
12/10/11 Nkem
okey thanks,i must say forex metal is the best broker i've ever come across,most expecaily in terms of execution of orders and customer services,i just hope i wouldnt have problem in withdrawal.thanks any way
26/10/11 karim
forex metal is the best in the world .. glad to work with you .. :)))))))
2/11/11 Rehana
Thanks for your kindness help. I will let every one on forex forum that i have got the bonus. Forex Metal is great 5 Star.
8/11/11 Erwin
I'm happy to read this email. I'll be happy to trade with your services. Thank you for this chance.
28/11/11 Zsuzsanna
Sometimes I don´ t understand everything well, but I always get a 100% support and help from you. It´s super.
29/11/11 Er
next week i will deposit, I want continue trading in forex-metal.. best broker.. no requote ! thx.. ;)
7.12.11 David
Thank you so much. This kind of help is much appreciated and good for your image as a broker. I will share what you did for me. Thanks again.
12/12/11 Adeola
I really appreciate your response, this is fantastic. it is good to do business with you.
26/01/12 Santino
Thanks for paying my profits into my LR account today. Your $100 bonus offer is great! God bless.
10/04/2012 Frank
26/04/12 rehan
than`k you mr/ms,,,,i already get my bonus,,,, your broker is best broker,,,,, i will tell to my friend about this broker,,,,, the best broker,,,,,,
1/05/12 Kee
Thank you for helping to solve the problem. I appreciate the good service, and I look forward to deposit more funds into the account, and to trade in bigger volumes. With regards
15/05/12 Shylah
Thank you, I do appreciate the reply and the good customer service that you have provided.
15/05/12 David
I really like the speed of the far really good.. I trade with several brokers and I understand the difference of price and is minimal
21/06/12 James
Forex metal is by far the best broker I have ever had in every way.
15/08/12 James
I wanted to inform you I submitted a withdrawal. I also want to say after many brokers I've used in the past that Forex Metal is by far the best I have ever used. So glad I found this broker. Withdrawals are fast, customer service is wonderful and everything is smooth.
23/04/2013 Andry
I am very thankful and grateful to the Manager Forex Metal has been providing the most valuable opportunity for me, therefore I will keep the faith / opportunity that has been given to the best of His good ... and increase with a sense of responsibility to the Manager Forex Metal. ...
20/06/13 Salome
Thank you for the great customer service, I feel I have been well looked after.
13/11/13 Baptiste
Amazing! I wish all my brokers could be as fast and reliable... Have a great day
20/11/13 Alfredo
You guys are pretty amazing when it comes to stuff like this. And the fact that you accept bitcoin put you in a special place in my heart
10/12/13 Ahmed
good morning i was just in a live chat session with one of ur agents and he was so helpful thats why i wanted to send thanks mail for his manager as a kind of appreciation
27.03.14 Rotimi
Without any sentiments, Fx-Metal services and platform still stands out. We all can only hope for the best. Thanks to all FM-team and keep up the integrity...
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