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New bonuses from!

YOU nominate the amount of the bonus!

Deposit $100 and get $130 on your trading account!

Each customer who opens a trading account with us during the period from 1st to 31st of December 2010 will receive a cash bonus for up to 30% of the initial deposit amount (or maximum $3000).

How does it work.

Customers can receive a bonus to their first deposit of up to 30% of the deposit amount, however the maximum dollar value of any bonus cannot exceed $3000.

  • For deposits of up to $1000 the bonus amount is 30%.
  • For deposits from $1001 to $3000 . maximum $400.
  • For deposits $3001 and to $6000 . maximum $600.
  • For deposits $6001 and to $10000 . maximum $1200.
  • For deposits $10001 and to $15000 . maximum $2000.
  • For deposits $15001 and to $20000 . maximum $2500.
  • For deposits above $20001 . maximum $3000.
  1. After the deposit is made, before making any trades, the customer nominates the amount of the bonus as described above.
  2. Trading starts from 0.01 lot (equals to $1000 in USD denominated currency pairs).
  3. 1:200 leverage (only for deposits under $1000. For deposits over $1000, 1:100 leverage will apply).
  4. The amount of the bonus together with the customer.s deposit is credited to the trading account.
  5. The amount of the bonus cannot be changed.
  6. Withdrawal conditions:
    1. Funds can be withdrawn from the account at any time, except the amount of the bonus, providing the account does not have any open positions at the time. All open positions must be closed before the funds may be withdrawn.
    2. The amount of the bonus (plus of course any profit from trading activity) may be withdrawn providing that the customer has made a number of trades, total amount of which is equal the amount of the bonus divided by 10, within a period of 2 calendar months from the day the bonus is credited into the account. For example, if the bonus was $50, total volume of trades made by the client must be equal to 5 lots. If the bonus was $100 . the volume of trades must be equal to 10 lots. When calculating the necessary volume of trades, hedging trades, i.e. opening of the opposite trades in order to hedge own positions, are not taken into the account.
    3. If any amount is withdrawn from the account before the conditions specified in 6.2 are completed, the bonus amount is automatically cancelled.
  7. Only Forex trades are eligible for this bonus offer. For example, if you plan to trade only CFDs, you would not be able to receive the bonus under this offer.
Special conditions:
  1. Customers from India, China and Viet Nam are only eligible for the bonuses if the trading account is loaded by wire transfer.
  2. Bonuses are limited by a maximum $3000 per customer irrespective of the deposit amount.
  3. If you are caught opening multiple accounts under different names in order to claim the bonus or cheating in some other way, we reserve the right to cancel the bonus and all the profits that have been accumulated as the result of the dishonest conduct.
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XAUUSD 1187.76 1188.26
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