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‘No Deposit’ sign-up bonus!

This promotion is finished

  1. Upon opening of an account and provision of copies of ID documents as maybe required, a customer receives a $100 ‘no deposit’ welcome bonus.
  2. Only new customers are able to receive the $100 bonus under this promotion. Customers who previously received a similar no deposit bonus under a different promotion are not eligible for this bonus.
  3. The customer can make trades immediately after the bonus is credited into the account using the 1:200 trading leverage. All bonus accounts are .no swap. accounts.
  4. The challenge is to complete a minimum of 50 bonus points worth of trades during 21 calendar days from the time of receiving the bonus. Every forex pair and instrument has an assigned bonus point value to it. For the list of instruments and values click here
  5. After the 50 bonus points are completed, if the account has any profits available in it, the customer may be eligible to withdraw the profits from the account subject to the following conditions:

    5.1 The customer needs to deposit his own funds to the account equal to the amount of equity of the account and complete the number of full lots equal to the amount of the deposit divided by 20.

  6. No funds related to the ‘no deposit’ bonus could be withdrawn from the account before the trading conditions under 5.1. are completed. The $100 bonus cannot be withdrawn under no circumstances and will be removed from the account when the trading conditions of 50 bonus points are completed or the time period of 21 days expires, whichever comes the first.


A. Customer receives the $100 no deposit bonus and starts trading. 2 weeks later customer has completed enough trades to collect the 50 bonus points and his profit is equal to $500. $100 is removed from the account. $500 remains as the customer’s profit. The customer needs to deposit another $500 of his own funds into the account and complete 25 full lots worth of trades. (500/20= 25 lots). Once this trading challenge is completed, any funds can be withdrawn from the account.

B. Customer receives the $100 no deposit bonus and starts trading. 1 month later the customer has a total balance of $170, but the 50 bonus points are not accumulated yet and no additional deposit has been made during the period of 21 days. All $170 are removed from the account. Customer can make a new deposit into the account and receive a 100% bonus on it.

C. Customer receives the $100 no deposit bonus and starts trading. A few weeks later customer has only $50 left in the account and deposits another $200. The bonus and all the profit made from it will be removed from his account immediately after the deposit. Customer will receive an additional bonus of 100% on his deposit.

D. Customer receives the $100 no deposit bonus and starts trading. Before the 50 bonus points have been made the customer decides to add $50 to his account. The bonus amount of $100, as well as any profit made so far, are removed from the account. The customer may continue trading and receive a 100% trading credit on his new deposit.

E. Customer receives the $100 no deposit bonus and starts trading. After the completing the bonus conditions (50 bonus points), the customer has $500 profit on the account in addition to the $100 bonus. The customer decides to deposit $250 into his account. At this point the bonus and $250 out of the $500 profit are removed from the account. The customer is left with a total of $500 ($250 of his money and $250 of the profits made with the bonus). He needs to complete 250/20 = 12.5 lots worth of trades to be able to withdraw any profits from the account.

Special conditions:
  1. If you are caught opening multiple accounts under different names in order to claim the bonus or cheating in some other way, we reserve the right to cancel the bonus and all the profits that have been accumulated as the result of the dishonest conduct.
  2. Only one bonus per IP and per telephone number is allowed.
21:45 GMT   Bid Ask
GBPUSD 1.44756 1.44812
USDCHF 0.99357 0.99401
AUDUSD 0.72304 0.72352
NZDUSD 0.67599 0.67651
EURJPY 123.212 123.278
GBPJPY 160.249 160.332
XAUUSD 1214.84 1215.34
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